Wednesday, September 18, 2013

what ya wearin wednesday 091813

I may be hella busy, but never too busy for some What Ya Wearin Wednesday! Let's check y'all out.

@bmpoulos is pretty in floral and fun heels!

I LOVE @vivalasole's matching yellow scarf and shoes!

@laceyy_peterson's cross shirt and black shorts is an excellent season-transition outfit!

Totally dig the all dark outfit with matching camel boots/scarf on @melmoraes... Even though I can't believe we're in boots/scarf mode already.

Also pretty in black and white floral: @ksnedegar

@mollskat always has perfect makeup.. like today!

@florasenmipelo is the queen of mixed patterns, just like these!

Comfortable but still cute- it's @llindsbb

Another great transition outfit: Long tank and boots like @Brookeradio!

Plaid and blazer... gonna be a big combo this year and @kimmisaurusrex is ahead of the game!

@curlypso got some fun new boots!

@RomulaLynn had some fun pinspired make-up! I enjoy double liner.

@amsnedegar is making all of us [or me, anyway] feel bad for not working out as she looks all fit and ish.

@sydmelissa08's watch and entire outfit are just fantastic.

@toribabyy14 got a new outfit to show off.. wine pants and lace-back chambray shirt with matching Toms!

@krystalllcurlzz's Sperry's are my favorite part.

how great is the dress @mickeyyy_d  tried on?!

It's the first couple days of chilly around here, so for drinks at the beach I had to cover up a little bit. I got that military style shirt because I hate wearing jackets [or anything long sleeved that's not super thin]. I'm pretty obsessed with it. 
-Shirt/jacket: Kohl's clearance
-striped tank: F21
-jeans: F21
-studded black flats: Charming Charlies
-arrow earrings: Rue21
-new fanny pack for $5 that I'm pumped about: Charlotte Russe
-Total cost: $27

I always thought summer would bring out the best fashion, but it's clear that fall is where you guys shine, so fine.. bring on boot season! 


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