Thursday, September 12, 2013

what ya wearin wednesday 091113

It's almost a special edition of WYWW, except not everyone got in the spirit of 9/11.. which is TOTALLY fine! I still like creepin' on your outfits, so let's do it.

@bmpoulos is pretty in bright colors and fun sandals!

@amsnedegar is breaking the rules with white after Labor Day and I love it!

Loving the spirit of @laceyy_peterson's tank!

@kcessna is fun in leopard and rockin' a new do!

Look at @bhensleyy gettin' all spirited with her collage! Lovin' those shor

And how good does @barelyaware's new haircut look?!

@fallerashley also has a really fun tank that I should have in my closet ASAP.

@kaylamichelletucker's boots are fantastic.. one of those things I wish I could pull off.

@toribabyy14's dress is so versatile and could easily be worn in any season!

Really like this combo of leather jacket, button down, etc on @modelbrittanyj!

@BrookeRadio's shoes are my constant envy, but I really love the whole outfit! [PS check out her website for a necklace giveaway!]

@mackenziecrockett's pattern on her dress is just great.

All black and white and fab for @meeshkatz!

Absolutely obsessed with @katiecakes26's 9/11 love throughout her whole outfit.

@krystalllcurlzz was also all red, white, and blue.. and cute!

@KaciKruz found these uber comfy and cute BCBG pants in clearance!

@annemcnamara was workin' the mic in an adorable blue and white dress with red cardi!

@AloraBuzz is just too cute in bright cropped pants and a leopard peplum top.

Summer isn't gone! And @mglock2552's adorable dress proves it.

Light purple Vans on @boston_twin... I dig it!

And @jemmyemtv is werkin' this romper/jumpsuit/whatever it's called.

I definitely rocked some America, of course... I also thought black was necessary. This dress has chest ruffles, but I tucked them into my chest and threw the scarf on top. I've also started wearing all my bangles that aren't flexible up my arm a little... Call it a statement, or call it comfort... whichever. 

Wow! No boys today! Where mah boyz at?! Jaykay, you girls look freaking GREAT today.. I'm pumped!

And don't worry... no matter what changes come my way as I move to DC, WYWW will never die! Hopefully it'll only get bigger!


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