Wednesday, September 11, 2013

morning hangover 091113

Every year I wake up on this day and think "it's going to be easier than the last one." I'm not sure that it is... but I'm loving two quotes this morning:
  • Imagine all the people, living life in peace...
  • Do great things today, for those who can't. 
My Uncle Bob was my dad's hero, and the more I think about him... I realize he's another Ploger [that's my last name.. Surprise! I have one.] that did everything he wanted to do.. he made things happen. So today... that's what I'm doing for him. Making even more awesome things happen.

Help me out, Internet. 
Now I must get back to a very busy schedule of planning yet another move. Anyone wanna help? I'll supply beer.


PS: Don't forget it's WHAT YA WEARIN WEDNESDAY! Get on it. Now. Don't delay. Procrastinators never get anything done.

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