Thursday, September 12, 2013

peek at the latest from lc lauren conrad at kohls!

I'm in love with this whole "get a peek at the new collection every month" thing. It's gonna do damage to my wallet, but whatever.

Here's the latest from our BFF LC.

Monochromed navy? Not mad at it.

These look a little shiny, no? I'm intrigued, and I want.

Note to self: Jump in the air when taking the next outfit photos.

This is how you wear shorts in the fall! In love.

Okay these little chest embellishment shirts could become my new obsession. How easy and cute is that?!

BOWS. ARE. BACK. And couldn't be more adorable. Glad I saved all of mine from high school!

There's a whole lotta navy blue going on, but it matches everything, so who's complaining?! It's time for me to keep a close eye on the sale section at and wait for some of these babies to be in my price range. 

Also... I would tell you that there's a giveaway on her blog right now... but like... that'd lessen my chances of winning.