Thursday, August 15, 2013

watch: this marc summers interview could ruin your childhood

Fun fact before we even get started: "Double Dare" the show stopped airing in 1992, except for some special episodes in 2000. It started in 1986. DANG, YOU'S OLD DOUBLE DARE!

So you obviously remember the show. You should remember Marc Summers, the host. You HAVE to remember the gak that would spill all over the kids... Now allow me to help you think of it all completely different.

Marc says that he "his coworkers" were a little silly on drugs.. and that when they invented Gak, they named it after HEROIN! What the WHAT!?

We all know damn well you were probably one of the sillies, Marc. 

That was kinda everything I hoped it would be. Finding out something that was so innocent when you were a kid is actually so adult is what makes nostalgia even more fun.
That is also one of my favorite interviews I've ever watched online. I LOVE that she got him to play the game! *Taking notes.*

Also... when do we start planning a trip to go to this "Drunk Double Dare?"


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