Monday, August 26, 2013

real world san francisco: meet jenny delich

If her last name is pronounced like "delish," it's very fitting.

Seems as though they've gone pretty far from the real or average looking cast with this house full of models and LA-residents.

So let's check out Jenny.

-from Kansas City, MO but now lives in LA
-singer, model, dancer, actress, bartender, and real estate agent
-is artsy and loves doing "creative and wild concepts." 

Well, she's definitely gorgeous... and it seems like she's beautiful whether modeling or just chillin' out with no make-up on. Lucky bitch. It'll be interesting to see how much of this whole singing/acting thing shows up during the season. It's typically a trainwreck, but I always have hope that it'll work out for someone.

My friend who lives in SF actually completed part of the mission I gave him already. Turns out he hung out with a couple of them the other night and said something about a girl with big boobs... looks like this is the one. He also gave me some other hints but we'll see how far we can go with all of this.

As for more pics of them out and about, this one is pretty clear, but I'm assuming there are some extras in there.

As always, feel free to leave comments or tweet me if you have any info to share, even if it's anonymous!



Unknown said...

Haha. You said transgender! She is not. Jenny is an amazing person with a big heart. Love you jenny! Keep following your dream!

Jen said...

Yes, I have known this girl since she was 12-13? Maybe before that. She is a girl no doubt about that! Like Susie said shes an amazing person that has fought hand and fist to get her dream. I am so proud to know her!

Jen said...

and its pronounced "Del-itch"

elizabethany said...

For the record: I never said SHE was a transgender. It was a report we got about another cast member who I'm pretty sure was false.

Jen said...

Hey no worries its all speculation at this point but Susie and I know her personally. Tune in to watch :P She is absolutely beautiful and an amazing person