Tuesday, August 27, 2013

what i wore last week- a whole lot of denim on clearance

Most of last week was spent working on the beach, so I didn't really have to get dressed much beyond Wednesday, but here's what I had on the first half of the week!

This is quite possibly the easiest outfit I've put up, and it's obvious. 

-open back tee c/o Kohl's, but on sale for $8 right now
-shorts also from Kohl's last year, I think
-shoes from Target clearance $7

I finally got a denim vest that [mostly] fits and I went a little happy with it last week. Since it's similar in color to my mint jeans, I wanted something super contrasting underneath. Enter one of my favorite color combos of the season: Coral and mint/turquoise.

-denim vest c/o Kohl's
-tank from Forever21 $3
-mint jeans from Target $12
-necklace from Charlotte Russe $5
-bracelets from ipsy, Charlotte Russe, and a listener
-sandals from F21 $8

This is Wednesday's outfit, which you can see in full on the What Ya Wearin' Wednesday post!

Hopefully I can be a little bit of inspiration for ya at some point! If nothing else, inspiration to go out and clearance shop ASAP.


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