Thursday, August 22, 2013

what ya wearin wednesday 082113

How ya feeling?! Great?! Fantastic! You look it too!

@barelyaware has a fantastic maxi skirt that could be worn any season!

@matty_may757 had training to do at work so kept it classic with a black polo.

@BSBShania had on a fantastic heart shirt!

I'm loving the fancy-casual of @livelifeinstyle's hat!

Even @randersss nails and phone case match her fun pants/outfit!

@johndern rocked a fun summer outfit to hit the city.

How great is @vivalasole's shark tank and anchor necklace?!

Totally enjoy the fringe/flapper-esque skirt on @showmewhytheycallyouruthless

@ksnedegar's blazer and polka dots make me happy!

@andrealeitblog's accessories are pure fab.

@modelbrittanyj's necklace is everything.

@thefreakparade_ keeps it cute but so casual with the tucked under tee.

@ashley_harris1 has one of my fave easy-combos.. the cute tank and cuffed shorts.

@kacikruz got to be at American Idol in a really great dress/cardi combo.

@973stephanie has this AWESOME necklace with a personalized paw print of her cat's own paw!

@kidz_bop93 is lucky enough to have a Michael Kors watch!

Once again, I wanna steal one of @alorabuzz's pieces. This time: her pants.

@toribabyy14 is gettin' all crazy with dip-bleached shorts and two-toned tank! Also enjoying her accessories!

Laced up "new school" overalls [that's what i call them, anyway] add flare to @fleurdelissaint's outfit!

You know I'm a sucker for the side bun, but @melissajo51's whole look is adorable!

@xxkaleigh1dxx says she's a cowboys fan, but this looks so much better, doesn't it?!

Consider me obsessed with @surrahe's sweater. I say we should wear 'Merica year round! I need it.

I decided to break out my fantastic chevron maxi again!
-maxi from Kohl's
-LC denim vest c/o Kohl's [on clearance under $20!]
-necklace from I forget where..
-earrings from
-black and white sandals
-Kate Spade bangle c/o a listener/reader [which I still can't believe!]

I'd say it was a pretty successful week! I ain't mad at it!

BTW it's a SUPER great clearance time! Make sure you hit up F21 ASAP... their clearance is an extra 50% off in stores! We got 11 things for $50... holla! Check everywhere, though! Don't even look at new, fall stuff. Head straight for the clearance racks to find stuff you can wear for the next month and then again next year!


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