Monday, July 22, 2013

watch: robin williams has a tickle fight with a gorilla

My obsession with monkeys is a little extreme, but how can you NOT think they're awesome?! Especially after watching this video...

Robin Williams meets KoKo, and after taking his glasses, all KoKo wants is a good ol' fashioned tickle fight.

She took his glasses and wore them! KoKo totally fell in love with Robin. And all the signing... gah, I'm just obsessed. I don't know how I missed this video when it was originally posted!

And don't get all "they can snap and become scary instantly" on me, cuz I don't wanna hear it. All gorillas and monkeys are awesome and nice and caring and yeah. All things great.


PS: My always has to be perfectly correct on everything BFF corrected me, "gorillas are not monkeys, they're apes." I feel the same about apes and monkeys. I don't discriminate, nor do I care a whole lot about what I wrote being "wrong." To me- monkeys are all the different types of animals that are just like humans, but.. well.. aren't.

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