Monday, July 8, 2013

special edition! what ya wearin 4th of july

Even though most of your outfits for last week's What Ya Wearin Wednesday were red, white and blue... I wanted to do a special holiday edition because they're my favorite!

GOTTA start with @JannaShepherd's amazing outfit for her themed workout! Get it girl!

I feel like @jenniferohcious looks a little bit like young Lizzie McGuire... but I'm lovin' that bandana!

@_travis23 is making his debut on here with a fantastic choice in shirt and matching kicks.

Just LOOK at these outfits and I dare you to try and tell me they're not awesome. I can't even deal with the greatness of those leggings on @lifeinasuitcase.

Oh hi, ridiculously adorable crop-top on @alorabuzz and sexy top combo on @aclarkxoxo

Genuinely obsessed with @blakeleeeee's top. It's a bathing suit but you could wear it as a tube top/bandeau/anything!

@amsnedegar's hat/bathing suit whitness is superfabulous. 

I'm lovin' @ksnedegar's freedom shirt and red jeans! And @abaker1804's red shit/white shorts are a staple.

@bhensleyy's dress is cute for any day by the beach, especially the 4th!

Props to @KaciKruz who didn't even have to shop for her FREE shirt/outfit! Perfectly 'Merican!

@toribabyy14 and her BFF got festive with some beads!

No explanation needed for the greatness of @alexgator13's shirt.

@chassidymay got to celebrate in Florida! Double the spirit!

Pretty obsessed with @modelbrittanyj's tank, and then the headband she put on later.

And @naomicvargas celebrated in London, but still rocked a HOTT red skirt.

I spent my day floating on the bay and drinking my magic punch, so this here outfit was perfect. 'Merica flops [$3 from Kohl's], bathing suit [from Walmart a while ago], Sorry I Party tank [c/o Pretty Partier], bandana from Chilifest, earrings from China, and my nails. Wham bam thank ya Uncle Sam. 

The best part about these outfits: Even though they're kinda "themed," I feel like they're perfect for any day of the summer. From Memorial Day to Labor Day! We love the USA!


PS: If I missed you or you didn't get a chance to send yours in since you were probably having too much fun, just shout a holler and I'll add ya in no problem!

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