Thursday, July 4, 2013

what ya wearin wednesday 070313

The pictures were really great and really all over the place, so hopefully I didn't miss anyone!, but it's good to know that all you really need is a little red white and blue inspiration to get your pictures submitted!

Let's do dis.

How awesome is @katie__richter's cutout boutique dress?!

Also great: @abaker1804's chiffon dress! With the blazer and shoes- perfection.

@JenDBradley got these great Target shoes on clearance!

@BrookeRadio makes a long, high neck shirt look so comfy and pretty with those cutoff shorts.

@bradlisan got her toes done with some awesome fireworks!

And @alorabuzz used her blue nails to complete her American look!

But @RomulaLynn is just straight up All American!

@lisa_morrow fancied up a casual tee and jeans with leopard flats

@reikoheartsu used her accessories to her advantage!

As much as I love red, I really like that @barelyaware just used one piece of red to finish the look!

@ksnedegar looks really freakin' great in her whole ensemble. 

And how good do they all look with their red, white and blue at work?!

@krystalllcurlzz got to spend most of the day in a bathing suit... hmph.

And apparently so did @alex_bubblyonabudget and her awesome matching cover-up.

@erngal wins the award for most spirited! All of it: Just great. 

How awesome are @melmoraes' shoes?! I really like the whole outfit, too!

@mmighell30 got a new haircut and headband to show off!

@emilymoore11's maxi skirt: Necessary. Love the crochet vest, too!

And check out @emilycottonn's pants! They're fun, and perfectly paired with that top.

Even though @kastevison has to wear scrubs, she knew how to get in the spirit!

As for me, I actually didn't wear red white and blue like I have the past couple weeks! I wore a dress that I love but has become a bit too short with a tied up tank on top so that I have room to pull it down further. [And a topknot thanks to crappy weather... I'm not sure this is a hairstyle I'll be doing again.]
-dress from F21 I think a couple years ago
-tank from Old Navy $8
-necklace from Charlotte Russe $5
-sandals from Ross $13

 I can't wait to see all of your festive outfits tomorrow! Don't forget to send them to me and tag them #WhatYaWearin4th! Today was so good, I can only imagine tomorrow's!


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