Tuesday, April 9, 2013

photo diary: the craziness of chilifest 2013

You might remember my pictures from last year's Chilifest, or maybe you don't give a [insert word in your own vocabulary here] about my life and accidentally clicked on this link. All you need to know about Chilifest before looking at the pictures are a few things:

  • It goes down in a huge field in Texas
  • Country artists perform all weekend
  • They say there's a chili cook-off, but I've never seen proof
  • People camp out Friday night in the grossest of conditions
Now, allow me to show you how this year went down, with help from people on Instagram.

Before anyone really gets there, it looks like a fantastic place to party all weekend....

With a ton of booze you'd assume would never get finished.... [this much is stacked every 10-20 feet, BTW]

Some of the Greeks go a little above and beyond with their set-up...

Most focus on the important things- Like tents...


Or just room to sleep...

And one thing to know: You can wear literally anything you want, but the trashier or more 'Merica the better.

Friday night is normally nothing but a blur, but occasionally you'll remember the special things. 

Come Saturday morning around 7am, game on all over again. Wake up later than 8:00, and you might miss the first Thunderstruck game.

Or the cops demanding that two girls get up on the tables to dance, so they can give them dolla dolla bills. 

Before things really get crazy, you'll remember to "party your sunglasses."

You might actually make it up to the stage for a couple performances, just watch out for the flying beer...

Or maybe you'll accept the challenge of a boot chug...

But most likely your friends will pass out at an embarrassing early hour.

While you make sure not to piss the abundant flow of trashy ladies...

If you're Elizabethany, you'll accept a challenge of "The Wombat." Drinking beer that is in your fanny pack, while doing a handstand.

Eventually you'll realize you can't fit another beer, turkey leg, sausage, or chunk of mud in your mouth, and you'll make your way to the bus.

Leaving behind what looks like a hurricane or tornado stricken town. 

And go home with a ton hopefully a few memories to last you forever until the next morning. 

I won't lie- A lot of times I hate to admit an area does something better than where I'm from, but I really have never seen or even heard of anything like this anywhere near Virginia. It's something special, and no matter how many times I try to convince myself I can't handle it another year, I'll keep going until I have no friends/Team Murtaugh around. Then I'll make some new friends.

If you went to Chilifest, I want to see your pics! Everyone's experiences are so different, and it's really fun to see them. Post your Instagram link [or wherever we can find some] below!

Until next year, I'll continue training.


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