Wednesday, April 10, 2013

nifty furniture you'll need for the coolest house ever

I spend hours a night on Pinterest looking at the coolest of the cool things that I could get to make my house the one everyone will want to visit this summer, so now it's about time I share them with you so we can have the same dream house. [But still come play at MINE, okay?!]

This my friends is a floppy disk coffee table, that lets you play with that metal piece you always used to as much as you want! Bonus: It could even be a work-out!

And THIS, is a fully functioning Nintendo controller coffee table! Just take the top glass off, hook it up to your system, and play away! Gaming fa dayzz!

Maybe your friends are a little lamer than you [or will steal your stash], so you need to hide your beer fridge near your bed... in a NIGHT STAND! 

Or we can just trip people out with this floating table cloth! Sure, they might figure out the secret eventually, but in the meantime you'll look all Casper-ific!

Now we need some seating...

I've always wanted a bean bag, but people told me I was crazy. Just LOOK at this thing! You can flop it around however you want and not even worry about it getting flat! Pretty sure people would fight over it. [In the good way.]

Finally, if you have a solid sugar daddy, this here rocking outdoor bed looks so freaking comfortable, but mostly fun! Imagine the sex... and the tricks... and the rocking/flipping. 

Okay, I guess some of those aren't exactly in my normal budget, but I can't resist adding them to my wish-list. Maybe someone will feel like donating to charity. [Me being the charity, for the morons.]


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