Thursday, April 11, 2013

what ya wearin wednesday 041013

I have TWO weeks to catch up on, so let's get to it!

FINALLY some warm weather for @toribabyy14 to get to wear this dress! It's so perfect for any occasion with the cutouts but conservative collar!

Love love LOVE the blue and yellow contrast on @KaciKruz

@one4chunk looks casual cute, especially with that adorable baby of hers on her arm!

@captainamandica used the nice weather to break out the fun colors!

And @Siarrahhh used it to wash her car in comfy clothes, then wear some fab make-up.

Some fabulous shoes @abaker1804 has with the "color of the year" emerald green!

@amsnedegar got to break out her colored shorts! I need to start stocking up.

Fun colorful maxi dress and sandals were on @xxkaleigh1dxx's wardrobe agenda.

@757ScentLover finally got to break out her toes and fab sandals!

@BrookeRadio combined peplum and leopard flats perfectly!

I never wanted an Aladdin tank until this one on @broadway_lover89! I love it and her sandals!

Very excited the bubblyonabudget girls joined in today! @alex_bubblyonabudget pulls these leopard pants off so well, I'm jealous!

And @kristin_bubblyonabudget matched with a fantastic outfit perfect for going straight from work to the bar.

Lovin the booties with the multi-patterned dress on @its_calie!

@thecullenbunch1 sported some pink stripes, "and a cat to go viral," of course.

Master of the prints @showmewhytheycallyouruthless is back at it again!

@jaclindsay had a perfectly spring-colored scarf on!

I'm obsessed with @ClaireScatter's simple dress, jean jacket, and wedges!

Michelle's outfit looks so comfortable and multi-seasonal!

@RomulaLynn dressed up her simple but cute dress with accessories and great sunglasses!

@czyk_shan was super pumped to rock the tank and flops today! She's not alone!

@ksnedegar went from day to night with the same color scheme and necklace flawlessly! I love both outfits.

@aarronjustin looks so comfortable and straight out of a Lacoste ad!

Poor @jannashepherd down in TX actually had cold weather today! But I'm loving the blue pop!

And @BMS_YoungDerek wanted to give me a scary image, apparently.

I am so obsessed with @moa8's shoes! They're great, and we were kinda twinsies...

I got these babies for $8 at Kohl's the other day! So PUMP'd! [Get it?!]

I also wore this purple tank and coral necklace last week. 

But today, I broke out the shorts! I actually don't love where these shorts hit on my thighs, but booty shorts don't seem to work with button downs. 
-orange button down from Love Culture for $14ish
-shorts c/o The Closet Door
-flats from Wet Seal for $1
-earrings [that totally don't match my shoes at all] from F21 clearance $3

Had to sneak a Nugget in there...

Wheeewwwww! That was a long one, but I loved every second of it!

Now excuse me while I shop through Express' clearance sale.


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