Monday, July 1, 2013

my june 2013 on instagram

Hopefully you're aware we did another photo challenge on Instagram with the station, and hopefully you got to participate, at least a little! [Ya see... I'm in charge of them... so even if you're not in Hampton Roads, it's still awesome to have you join in on the fun!]

I get really pumped to do these for a number of reasons, even though I have to come up with two pictures each day, which isn't always easy. Now, looking back, I realize I took a serious amount of pictures and that I had a pretty great month.

- I got to go to a Darius Rucker concert ON the beach
-We got some pretty sweet red cups with our logo on them
-I got a Diamond Candle for my birthday, which is like.. the new greatest gift idea!
-There was a night full of intense storms that ruined my show for a couple hours
-I had unlimited delicious desserts for my birthday
-I tried the rubberband photography, and tried to get others into it, too. 
-We had the HOT Summer Fiasco, and a ton of screaming people looking at us, which is always neat.

But still... the absolute best part about doing these is seeing everyone else's pictures and what their creativity can come up with.

We're going to do these every three months, which gives one per season!, so get ready to join in come September!



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