Monday, July 15, 2013

gift idea: 30 gifts for 30th birthday

When you have to buy for someone who seems to have just about everything, you gotta come up with creative gifts.

For a Corey's birthday, I decided to do 30 gifts throughout the day, since he turned 30! I mean, who doesn't wanna open 30 wrapped presents?!

Even though it took a lot of time and thought, it was fun and worth it! So if you wanna do it, allow me to help you!

You've gotta customize it for each person, but here are some ideas for ya: 
  1. Card with a letter [Hey, it counts! It's still something!]
  2. Case of beer
  3. Bottle of liquor [or airplane bottle]
  4. Bottle of wine
  5. Shotglass/drinking glass that's customized for their birthday
  6. Gift certificate for their favorite meal
  7. Movie ticket
  8. 5 Hour Energy, so they can last the whole weekend in their old age
  9. Something to make them feel old [reading glasses]
  10. Something to make them feel young [toy of some sort... I gave a slingshot/water balls]
  11. Picture and frame
  12. Chapstick
  13. Balloon
  14. CD- either one they've wanted or an old school mixtape
  15. Lottery tickets
  16. Favorite candy
  17. Something related to an inside joke
  18. Cake
  19. Piece of clothing
  20. Boxers/lingerie/whatever
  21. Favorite food [bacon]
  22. Stress ball/zen garden/whatever "for when they're frustrated with you"
  23. Back scratcher
  24. Pillow
  25. Hand sanitizer/lotion
  26. An accessory for something they already have [I got a drink holder for his new mic stand]
  27. Slippers/flip flops/etc
  28. Beach towel/something they can use that season
  29. Message/video/visit from a friend
  30. Coffee/tea they like
These are definitely pretty unisex, but if you're buying for a girl- I imagine it'd be a lot easier. Or if it's a manly man, you could get tools and stuff they'll use every day. 

If you're in a relationship with the person, there are even more possibilities. Date night IOU's, things to be used after hours, or whatever else your naughty mind can come up with! [Shoot, you could actually give condoms or toys to a bestie or anyone, to be honest!] You could also throw them a party and call it a gift!

The gifts definitely add up more than you might imagine at first, so when you're making your list- write out the cost of everything and try to stay within a budget for yourself. Also, going to stores like Five Below or the dollar store can give you even more ideas you don't think up right away!

If you have any more small gift ideas, leave them in the comments below! [And if you need more girly ideas, I just found this post which is good!]



albina N muro said...

When you have to buy for someone who seems to have just about everything, you gotta come up with creative gifts. thank you gifts

Samantha Menchaca said...

I’m doing the same for my boyfriend, so far I have the following:

1) Frame with all his accomplishments due his 30 years (has been nominated on the 30 under 30 list) $20
2) A box of candies of the 80's, he loves candies! $39.50
3)a Massage coupon for a spa for $75 dlls
4) we have a joke between us of a t-rex so I found a t-rex sculpture he has to build. $15
5) A magazine of the year he was born so as a cd of the best hits. $25.45
6)The book: Book of Ages 30 $12.95
7)A personalized coffee travel mug saying :"Keep calm I’m the Project Manager" and his initials in the back $32
8)An Age survival kit: (funny gifts) energy drink, stress ball, arthritis lotion, cheap glasses, etc. $30
9)A customized Master View toy with pictures of us $42
10)A t-shirt "Made in 1983" $31.47
11)A Pizza Baker $50
12)A really cool Bike Chain Tea Light Holders $25
13)3 Great Books: "A life without limits, Four Agreements and the Missing Piece" $45
14)A cool Cast Iron Tool Bottle Opener from etsy. $19
15)A flight lesson $99
16)A customized street sign with his last name $15.99
17)Cheesecake by me $30
18)A pizza delivery to his house with a heart pizza $65
19)Tipsy Wine Glasses!! amazing look $25
20)A customized art Letter made specially for him by an iron artist in Tennessee $100
21)Draw set for his hobby rock climbing from REI $79
22)Cole Hann Shoes $156
23)Weber Grill $376.92

I’m still looking for 7 more gifts, He will open one every day for 30 days, and on his birthday he will receive 30 balloons hanging a picture of every year of his life...

Anyways! He is the best, I loved your gifts too! I might add some of them for my 7 left gifts.

Unknown said...

Good lord I hope you make a lot of money at your job! I think a budget is a wise idea :)

elizabethany said...

haha, yes.. I'd never be able to afford what Samantha did... I think mine cost around $100 total. phew.

Unknown said...

My family is planning on doing this same thing for my sister when she turns 30 this year. One of the things that I am getting are some Snooki slippers, because she needs something to wear around the house. I'm not really sure what else to get her but we have been coming up with a list!

Unknown said...

Could someone give me some gift ideas for my wife for this? Thanks

Unknown said...

Could someone give me some gift ideas for my wife for this? Thanks

Jack son said...

She will anticipate checking her mail once per month and getting her most current membership of her magazine. best gift for boyfriend

Unknown said...

It feels great to get gifts from my naughty friends, because they automatic bring a wide smile on my face. I don’t know from where they get unique ideas to provide funny gifts on different occasions.

Lena Charles said...

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Unknown said...

I love my wife so much. I want to buy funny gifts for her . That's why i need your suggestion. Can you tell me which gift is best for my wife. Please let me know. I am waiting for your opinion.

nancy john said...

I love the idea of giving books instead of cards at baby showers. I also give books to kids as gifts other times of the year like Christmas and birthdays. My daughter loves getting new books.

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Anonymous said...

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