Monday, June 10, 2013

watch exclusive interview: eight questions with carly rae jepsen*

*I think it was actually only 7, but whatever. Shoot me. 

The second interview I got to do at the HOT Summer Fiasco was none other than Miss Summer of 2012... Miss Call Me Maybe... Miss Carly Rae Jepsen! [I totally shoulda intro'd her in the video like that, huh?!]

Originally I was supposed to go to her hotel room and sit down with her there, but things got way too hectic, so I bombarded her dressing room instead. There wasn't anything fancy or elaborate in there like purple velvet curtains or 23 cases of Voss water, so I felt pretty comfortable beyond being totally flustered by the entire day's events.

Her accent is adorable, she's adorable, chill, and exactly how I expected her to be for the most part. Check out our quick little chat and please don't let the blur bother you. Sometimes it's hard for people to tell if it's out of focus while filming. :(

I wish I could talk to her more so that I'd pick up her accent. It's kinda subtle, but I really do enjoy her voice.

I also enjoyed this being posted on her instagram a little later [even though it says I'm Kendall... oh well!].

Her performance was also pretty adorable, but I'll have proof of that coming up when I do the whole recap video/post!

Another one of those moments where I feel so lucky to have the job I do is now in the books....


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