Monday, June 10, 2013

exclusive interview: cher lloyd

One of the cool things about the HOT Summer Fiasco [full re-cap video and post will be coming up as soon as it's done!] was being able to touch up on my interviewing skills with different personalities. Each celebrity is so different, as well as the situation.

Some celebs will let you walk right in with a camera, sit down and start asking questions. Others don't allow cameras... and some even pick out which questions you can and can not answer. Of course with those people, I try and make the best out of the couple [four this time] questions I have and expand as much as possible. It's not easy. It may even be one of the more difficult situations for me because I like to have a conversation... when anything in my life becomes scripted, I tend to freeze up a little bit.

I got to go into Cher's dressing room before her meet and greet and chat it up a bit. If I could describe her off-stage in one word, it'd be fragile. She was so small, gentle, and a little quiet- the complete opposite of what I expected! BUT, she was definitely nice and beautiful.

Her on stage persona was everything I imagined. She was feisty like her brats and her songs. She was running all over the place. She was loud.... Now I'm wondering if she's got two names for these personas like other celebs do!

Also, I need to add "moan" to my vocabulary and use it the way she does. It was like a replacement for complain or whine. Sure, I use moan every once in a while... but in a very literal tense, and normally in a sexual way. She moans to her dad. [You should have seen my face when she said that.]


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