Tuesday, June 11, 2013

morning hangover 061113

Phew! Looks like I should be getting back to a normal schedule! Until my birthday, of course... Which is in 5 days, so.... gifts will be accepted at 5589 Greenwich Rd in Virginia Beach. Kthanks.

I wish I could say just kidding, but I'll just holler at the Internet.
  • EW UGLY! Look at Chad Michael Murray these days!
  • Creeptastic: Smart people think humans will look like this in 100,000 years. 
  • SO MUCH WIN! All these people deserve a medal. 

  • Just another adorable marriage proposal. I love this guy's silliness.
  • Sorry to interrupt the adorableness that you're feeling with this OMG DRUNK DRIVING PSA MADE ME POOP!
  • Wow. This 20 Feet from Stardom documentary about background singers looks good! ...for a Netflix kinda night especially!
And that's that! Also: I wouldn't mind you nominating me for this here radio honor. I mean... it'd be really neat of you.


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