Tuesday, June 18, 2013

outfit: i went 90s neon for the package tour

To be honest, I don't totally know what decade/era this outfit would fit into. Early 90s with the neon? Mid-late 90s with the crop top? Meh, whatever. All of those years were represented in *package* form at the Package Tour.

I had bought a neon skirt for the HOT Summer Fiasco, but never got to wear it, so I held on to it and tried to find a crop top to go with it. Normally I'm all anti crop tops because sometimes you just don't need to be that slutty, trashy, whatever you wanna call it. Now that I've tried the high-waisted skirt/crop top combo, I could become obsessed.

-H&M skirt $12 [similar]
-earrings from China
TOTAL: $30!

That little bit of skin showing is so sexy to me! Plus: It's the most flattering part of anyone's torso, right?! I'll never show off that little tire around my belly button, but this skirt conceals it!
And even though the skirt is a little see-through, it's so light and flowy and fun and... well, I'm truly obsessed. I don't even care if you think this looks cute or not. 
Also, you should know that once I actually headed out, I totally added my Sorry I Party fanny pack. 

Now I just need to find more opportunities to wear this/something like it. Damnit. I shouldn't have posted a picture.... now everyone's going to know I wear it all the time!


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