Tuesday, January 22, 2013

the package tour is every 90s girl's dream... see the dates!

OH. EM. GEE!!!! This has been such a good month for 90s lovers! Destiny's Child, JT, and now THIS!!! The Package Tour!

YES! NKOTB, 98 Degrees, AND Boys II Men ALL hitting the road TOGETHER, and you betta believe I will be going!

More details will be coming out today, but according to the site they'll be hitting DC on June 14 [MY BIRTHDAY WEEKEND! That was obviously planned for me...], Pittsburgh June 11, Charlotte 6/19, Houston 6/27, Dallas 6/28, and a ton more cities! 

Tickets for DC go on pre-sale FRIDAY, and full sale SATURDAY! They start at only $40! Holler!

GET EXCITED! I've made my Birthday plans!



K said...

I may or may not have chosen a Pirates game this past summer mostly because there was a Boyz II Men concert afterwards.
I did.
It was awesome.

Syncronized dancing, blinged-out microphones, matching outfits.

I was so happy.

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