Friday, May 10, 2013

watch etv: this week's hot scoop! full of bloopers

Sometimes I am such a mess and no matter how much medicine I take, I can't spit out lines I'm supposed to say! [I guess that's not gonna help me get a TV job some day is it? Hmm...]

When filming the station's HOT Scoop yesterday, I was totally having that issue.

We send these out to listeners every week about what's going on... but make sure you make it to the end when you see how sucky I am sometimes.

Bloopers are seriously the best though, right?! Yeah, I'm laughing at myself right now. I kinda think I'm hilarious sometimes.

You can't tell, but I'm actually wearing my mint jeans. My outfit was really pretty simple [and my hair was still perfect from Wednesday's Pinspired topsy-tail!!], but I mostly loved it.

Damn sun messin' up my style.

-blue-indigo shirt from F21 that I also wore on Wednesday. [Just me, I dare you.]
-white cami
-mint jeans from Target for $12
-white necklace from Charlotte Russe $5
-and white sandals from that you obvi can't see.

And that's me!

By the way, this was officially a record breaking week for me on this blog. The number of hits I got even exceeded the MTV and Real World DC days, so THANK YOU for your support and interest!



Panty Buns said...

Those bloopers weren't bad at all. Considering how many lines you rattled off in the Hot Scoops video I'm amazed there were so few. I expect to see you as a major network news anchor someday. The do big bloopers all the time. The bloopers in my videos are worse. Your Forever 21 indigo blue top looks nice :)

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