Thursday, May 9, 2013

what ya wearin wednesday 050813

Oh hey hotties! Let's do this.
Remember: You can use some of these as inspiration for what you can do... you don't have to do it just like them!

@RomulaLynn's peacock makeup is so pretty!

Bears all over a dress?! I think @Siarrahhh's the only one who could pull this off!

Once again, I'm lovin the relaxed tee/blazer, with fancy heeled sandals on fellow blogger @alex_bubblyonabudget

Really wanna find a lace top to put over a dress like @marizzzzza!

@lolo13sanzo is rockin' a jean jacket and sparkly stripes!

@abaker1804 "haddd" to get this necklace on clearance, and I totally agree! She wore it with a black shirt and blue skinny jeans. Perfection.

Just LOOK at these fun colors on @JaceBarrow! And his shoes.. love!

How perfectly do @ksnedegar's sunglasses match her colorblocking outfit?! These colors are something I need to try.

@kcessna got fancy for an event today in a black and gold lace dress!

@KaciKruz's shoes are superfab. I'm thinkin' about DIY-making a pair for myself!

@thecullenbunch1's hair is so great! I'm thinkin' it'd be perfect for wedding season.

@meeshkatz got comfortable in her long button down and boyfriend jeans, but those shoes are fabulous.

How great does @keeenderuhh_ look in black and white for her first day of work?

I normally say ombre has run its course, but not with clothes! I'm liking @gillyrae's pants too much!

@sweetdeeprie makes me think bunnies are the new owls. This necklace is simple and cute!

I'm so glad leopard isn't just for Snooki anymore. It seems like @kaibaby09 is happy about it too!

@captainamandica is all sortsa superhero festive, and doing our #AmandaByning selfie!

I really enjoy the fun and colorful sweatshirt on @gmaryv! It'd be perfect for beach nights.

This is hard to see, but I'm assuming @naenee101 tied up a chambray shirt, and that's a trend I think I can get behind.

 I fully enjoy @jennay_z's all black with the necklace and blazer to lighten it up!

@ClaireScatter's white statement necklace is a must have for everyone! I love what it does for the whole outfit!

I decided to try something new: high waisted shorts. I'm still not sure how flattering they are or if this is something I can really get down with, but I'm trying! If only I hadn't forgotten my skinny tan belt.
-shorts from F21 $14
-tee from F21 $8
-sandals from Papaya $12
-super old necklace
-gold bow earrings from Charlotte Russe for under $1

I love my sandals, but since my feet are not something people should be staring at up close [I blame it on gymnastics, like all my other flaws], I tried to do some *slight* airbrushing! ;)

To be honest... I went to Papaya the other day and was having a serious problem not picking up everything in the store. Normally I don't find a whole lot, but they're rocking it right now.

Now onto my Pinspiration of the day! 

I wanted to girl-up my outfit a little so I beach-curled my hair, then decided to pull it back like this here pin

FYI, it was really easy.

And that's that for this week! Please let me know how you feel about my shorts!

Also, if you like what someone is wearing and wanna know where they got it from etc, that's why I put the social media links in! Make friends, give love, have a fashion orgy.


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