Friday, May 3, 2013

watch etv and win tickets to our huge summer concert!

In case you've been hiding somewhere and haven't heard, my station is putting on our first summer show- the HOT Summer Fiasco! Featuring: Carly Rae Jepsen, Icona Pop, Cher Lloyd, MKTO, Nikki Williams, and Classified. [OMG OMG I GET TO MEET ALL OF THEM!]

It's going down June 8, and yesterday we went out to the venue to plan out some details and shoot some video for between the acts. FYI: It's the coolest venue I've ever been to. It's an intimate pavilion that doesn't have a bad seat [everything's close to the stage!], and it's right on the water.

Anyway, we wanted to share our excitement with the world, so we went around to different places in Hampton Roads and got all up in people's faces. [I also got yelled at in K-Mart, and almost got a ticket for being in the middle of the street, so....]

Also- probably the most unpleasant Chick-fil-A workers ever, right?! Heyzeus, girlfrand. Live a little!

I'm really excited for the show, but I'm like REALLY PUMPED to see other people doing this, too. Tickets aren't that expensive, but a free pair is obviously the bomb diggity. Who knows... it might even get ya a little something extra.


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