Tuesday, May 14, 2013

pinspired: spray painted doormat

I've been wanting to make two doormats I've seen on Pinterest ever since I joined. Unfortunately, because I don't have a drill, I couldn't make my first choice... so I decided to try out this spray painted mat that looked more simple than anything in life.

It says "spray paint a rubber doormat any color you'd like. Brilliant."

Yeah.... not so much....

I could have done a little spray painting rubber research to realize this wasn't going to work, but of course- I'm just someone who reads the pin and gets what she needs... some spray paint and a $12 doormat from Target.

I spray painted it, and it looked pretty damn good. I was excited.

[Don't mind the dirty of my front porch. It was a rainy day and I didn't feel like cleaning up the leftover dirt from the gross mat we used to have.]

It didn't take long before the pretty wore off, though. Turns out- you need a specific spray paint that's made for plastic for it to mold onto the rubber. The problem is: People on several websites said even that wore off of their rubber boots and other items, or was too sticky. For me, it just stuck to the shoes as we walked on it, and quickly came off.

It's not totally terrible if you're looking from far away, and maybe it'll still look cool if the top is black but the inside of the rubber is green... but I still need to deem this...

Just don't do it. I don't feel like I lost too much by trying it, but it's not even worth it. I'll have to update you as more days go by. Should we take bets on how long it'll keep any kind of pretty green?



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Holly said...

Thank you for taking the time to do a write-up about this. I was considering painting a rubber door mat and wondered if it would work. After reading your post, I will pass on this idea and save myself some grief. Thanks again!