Tuesday, May 14, 2013

watch: marky mark's calvin klein ad and other 90s commercials you'll remember

I was going through this list of 90s commercials we'll all definitely remember thinking "wow, this is crazy... it's like they were airing yesterday." It's probably because I never watch commercials anymore to actually remember them, or maybe it's just because the jingles were so damn good.

Then I saw this one from Marky Mark. Hott diggity damn, boy. I think I was too young to really appreciate him when he was all badass, and now I'm sad I missed it.

The swagger. The junk. The voice. Yummy. Break me off a piece of THAT.

Then there was also this Mentos commercial.... in which I remember every word of.

Anddd we all just wanted the Nickelodeon magazine, PLEASE!

The times have changed, obviously. The only commercials I might remember forever are ones that have gone viral online or sound like old people are sh!tting their pants. Genius.


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