Friday, April 26, 2013

what ya wearin wednesdays- some i've missed!

Every couple of weeks I try to search different but similar hashtags for What Ya Wearin Wednesday, just to make sure I haven't missed anyone. When I was talking to a friend this morning, he said he tagged someone in it but I missed the picture. I went back and realized he had done #whatchawearinwednesday, one that I hadn't checked before! Either people are halfway reading my mind and randomly posting their outfits on Wednesdays, or they've got it wrong and I've missed out on their outfits!

Now it's time to fix that. Here are some that I've missed over the past couple months.

@abnmitch had sparkles everywhere! 

@codyontheradio looks a little bit country, but totally cute for anywhere!

@captainamandica was stuck in traffic, but still cute in striped with the keyholes in the arms!

@averydiroh helped Spring feel welcome with a bright rainbow pullover!

Love the vintage feel of @mairlovemd's graphic tee and chambray shirt.

@_taytertot_ [who I learned is a sports reporter but normally posts about the marijuana] had an awesome leather vest.

@chassidymay has a way of making grunge look really cute.

LOVE @je_mappelle_jade's tied tank over a bodycon dress!

The little detail on @treesign's jean pockets are awesome.

Winnie the Pooh Halloween sweatshirt?! It's a win for @netuahannah

@nancymunoz93 makes a headband really pretty with her big earrings.

I think I'm all caught up now! But this goes to show that if you don't tag @luvelizabethany or #WhatYaWearinWednesday in your posts or tell me if yours don't appear on my blog, the world won't get to see your hottness! So don't be afraid to holler at me!


PS: In case you missed this week's WYWW, click here!