Wednesday, April 24, 2013

what ya wearin wednesday 042413

WEDNESDAY!, I love you.

And all of you!

@danocean's looking real dapper in the vest and tie!

@hwpolkadot's peplum top, hair, necklace, and black pants go together so well!

I love @noelliebrown's long, lace cardigan over the dress!

How great are @lalocakrys' shoes?! And with white pants/denim shirt?! Perfect.

There's more chambray on @andrealeitonblog! I love how simple the belt is, but it adds a lot!

@abaker1804's day and night outfits are both fantastic! I most especially like the coral/mint combo and what I assume is a white blazer. Ugh, I need a white blazer. 

@recuperer was comfy in a white sweatshirt, but I'm lovin' the Superman case and her bright hair!

@xxkaleigh1dxx showed off a collared, see-through shirt!

@teacher2b2017 combined the military-style and bright, girly colors!

A cute dress with pockets and a cropped jean jacket?! @toribabyy14 knows what she's doing.

@captainamandica got all kinds of deals when shopping today! And who can say no to a "On Wednesdays We Wear Pink" shirt?!

@kristin_bubblyonabudget sported a "grown up jean skirt," and I'm lovin' the bow!

@llllinds has an outfit that I'm just jealous of. She pulls of the tribal tank and I'm thinkin' a high/low skirt flawlessly! Also: The key necklace is a fun idea...

@joolreee is back with bows! Look at those beauts on her nails! She says they won't fall off, so I approve!

I know I said no PJ's, but how can you say no to an adorable baby and monogrammed onesie?! Thanks @one4chunk

@KaciKruz "got dressed up just for me!" [I get dressed up on Wednesdays just for y'all, so I appreciate the reciprocation!] I'm totally enjoying her colors!

If I were to see this dress on a rack, I'd pass right by it.. but it's gorgeous on @AloraBuzz!

@RomulaLynn has fancydancy nails, as usual! They, along with the hair piece, necklace, and curly hair look so good with her dressed down outfit!

@JannaShepherd ended up buying this dress at Kohl's when she couldn't find my maxi. Great purchase! It's going to go with so many things.

WYWW newb @bradlisan is like a professional! I can't explain how obsessed I am with this. Normally I contrast my blazer, but I love the matching corals and contrasting mint jewelry/heels.

As for me, I finally convinced myself to "splurge" and spend more than $20 on something that I know I'll wear a lot.

-denim moto vest from F21- $22
-orange dress from F21 $12
-sandals from GoJane $8
-necklace from Charlotte Russe $5
-earrings from BlueLans $1

I've been loving all the Pinterest outfits with jean jackets and vests, so I just had to get one. I feel like this moto style is more "me" than the regular ones, but I won't lie- I still have the tag on just in case I change my mind/decide I don't like the wash. Also... that necklace was a spur of the moment purchase but I can't tell you how many times I've worn it in the past two weeks. It's fantastic.

I love that so many of THE Spring 2013 styles show through in these posts. So many trends proving to be true on Wednesdays. Coral/mint. Chambray/denim. Lace, and Peplum. Fantasticness.



K said...

hmm. yes, that necklace looks awfully familiar!

elizabethany said...

Haha! I'm telling you! I wear it ALL the time. No matching needed.

Panty Buns said...

I love @hwpolkadot's turquoise floral lace peplum top! I wonder where she got that?
Your orange Forever 21 dress is pretty. I love the colour combination.