Wednesday, March 20, 2013

watch: nsync does a cover of "that thing you do"

Either my memory has gone to sh!t or I never knew they did this [I'm going to proudly say it's a memory issue since I'd hate to have missed out on this for my whole life 'til now], but way back in the day... NSYNC did a cover of "That Thing You Do!" while on tour.

Fun fact: That Thing You Do is my favorite movie OF ALL TIME. Like easily, hands down.

I think I had a little girl orgasm while watching this just now.

OMG HOW CUTE ARE THEY?! And like, how great?! And OMG GET BACK IN MY LIFE @(#*&$@#!!!!

To the boy bands of today: This is how you be awesome and relevant. Step it up, yo.


PS if you're a TTYD freak like me, check out 15 neat facts you probably didn't know over at Buzzfeed!

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