Wednesday, March 20, 2013

what ya wearin wednesday 032013

Oh HEY new week! Let's just get right into the goodness.

@toribabyy14 is always so colorful! Love the pop of coral, but most especially the "business in the front, sexy in the back" of that chambray shirt!

@xxkaleigh1dxx looks all rock n roll with that hoodie and belt

@brendmas_on was trying to introduce Boston to Spring with his tie.... didn't work. But a guy that can pull off that tie is a winner in my book!

Never seen anything like @gillyrae's necklace, but I love it! Makes a simple outfit even cuter!

Fun to get @b_brutality in the mix this week! He was fancy in all black for an interview!

@KaciKruz showed me her navy nails saying they needed to grow... but I can't stop looking at the cute, simple bracelets for Spring/Summer!

@matty_may757 was all JMU today! Very spirited!

@jannashepherd's outfit [and wallpaper] is awesome for the first day of Spring! YAY COLORS!

No one is ever allowed to give me the excuse of "I already changed" after Melanie on Facebook sent me her outfit like this! She's already in summer mode in the south!

Never thought about wearing the tie-front shirts with a skirt, but thanks to Sara, I will!

The lace top, chambray, and adorable phone case! Camryn is just cute.

More chambray! Seems to be today's trend! I love the simplicity of Holly's outfit and the more crazy shoes!

@abaker1804 went on a shopping spree in NY to make me jealous, and put together a great outfit for that necklace!

Look at @simplysarah4 being a model! I need a jean jacket. I've just decided.

@dannielleor officially has the best t-shirt to ever exist on WYWW. Sorry, you'll never beat it.

@ksnedegar was all "here I am just traveling all day".. then was all BAM I CHANGED EVERYTHING EVEN MY HAIR! I absolutely love it.

@Siarrahhh celebrated the first day of Spring by breaking out the overalls [and fab red hair]! They're so 90s! 

@mchilds00 also got new hair today! I love it, her necklace, and the tank!

I confirmed my like for @captainamandica when I saw her sporting a side pony today.

@katiecakes has so many great tights! Those are zig-zag and I want them. [Or wait, we're calling it "chevron" now, aren't we? Where the eff did that term even come from!??! /rant]

@JaceBarrow and his roomie got in the spirit of Spring with light colors! Greatness!

And just as I mentioned in my accessory make-over post yesterday, my new China necklace works great with a plain shirt. I hate the shallow v-neck of this shirt, but the necklace fixes that problem and adds flare!

I really suck at this "rolling up the pants a little bit" trend, but I tried it again. I figured I'd balance the boyfriend jeans with pink, a pretty necklace, curls and heals. 

-necklace from DressLink $3
-shirt from Target $8
-jeans from NY&C $15
-pumps from Target $20
TOTAL: $46

I love that I got a bunch of girls giving me stuff on Facebook today! That can happen more often, ya know! Tag me in it and I'll make sure I get it up here!

So now is when we ditch the boots for some sandals right?! A little bittersweet....


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