Monday, March 18, 2013

nifty: the bangle flask! and another way to conceal your alcohol

When I first saw this here flask, I about peed a little bit. Not that I ever wear bracelets, but someone's a genius for making one a flask! I could be girly and drunk! That's almost an oxymoron.

I present to you, the Bangle Flask.

It's a bit chunky, but that's worth it! What's not: The price tag. You gotta pay a whopping $225 for this diddy. Not okay, even if it is "designer."

So, I decided to find something else to conceal your alcohol and look great. Normally I'd say a brown bag around your bottle would be a little hobo'ish, but this here is a coozie... which obviously makes it okay!

And the cost for that?! Just $7. Totally in my price range. DEAL!