Monday, March 18, 2013

exclusive interview: 8 questions with marina and the diamonds

Last Thursday night we had Marina and the Diamonds come to Virginia Beach for an exclusive performance! She's new to the scene in the US, but she's pretty big in the UK. And yes, it's just a she.. not a band.

She's also pretty adorable and fun, and her fans are absolutely obsessed with her. Before we get into the performance, you obviously need to see my fun interview with her.

I guess she didn't wanna chug her drink after all. Everyone woulda been in for a real treat if I actually had to fake an accent since I suck at it. Still, she's humble and honest which made it easy to talk to her.

When she performed, I'll be honest... I was pleasantly surprised. She is super talented and even though we've played two of her songs, hearing them live made them even more likable.

I'm genuinely shocked none of her fans cried when they met her. You should have witnessed some of the things they were doing throughout the week to get passes to this thing. You also should have seen the threats I/the station got from the people who didn't get  to go. CHILL BROS.

You know I'm always honest with you when I meet these celebs and if I think they're genuine or not. Mark Marina and the Diamonds down for being awesome.


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