Monday, February 4, 2013

i spy: gifs of parents "gettin down" at the club

I'm not sure if I'll ever laugh as hard as I did when I saw my dad tear up the dance floor, but being out the other night and see a couple of parents doin' their thang had my jaw dropping.

First of all, the Cosby sweater dad... 

He didn't need any other moves. Rocking back and forth with a little extra flair caught my eye more than blondie twerkin' it on the side. 

Then we had this lady, who may not be a mom, but she looks like one.

She was all about DJ Canrock giving her some attention, and she worked him like a pole... on the stage. She clearly loved that accidental ass touch, too.

But now, my friends, I present to you this mother/daughter duo [again, my assumptions.] They came dressed in some serious clubwear, thigh-high boots, and coats that they only wore on one arm, because two would obviously make them much too hot.

Just twerkin' away on her daughter.. 

I call this the "now lean back, lean back, lean back...."

Keep up that rhythm, ladies. 

And then... I got caught, just as the humping was beginning. Mama wanted every bit of junior's booty in her lap, and thought the video-bomber was just playin' along too... Silly drunk goggles.

I really need to start sitting back and observing other people like this. People watching is just so, so much fun... almost as fun as causing the scene yourself. 

But seriously.... I hope I run into those two ladies again. Pure entertainment. 


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