Friday, February 1, 2013

watch my first month of one second video'ing, and why you should do it too

When I say I'm gonna do something, if I can do it right then or soon after, it's going to happen. [Assuming I don't come up with a better idea before I do it.]

Anyway, when I saw the dude's 1 second video compilation of his 30th year, my friend @deadairdennis and I decided we'd be doing it for all of 2013. While it's been a bit of a challenge to always remember to record the interesting stuff, I'm really excited to have a month's worth of quick memories in a 40 second video:

[The censorship is because it's a secret I'm working on... Can't tell yet!]

I only really forgot about two days, but a lot of the time I was recording random stuff last minute.

The coolest thing about doing this isn't the fact that I'll have the memories at the end of the year... Doing this makes me realize that my life is way too routine right now. Every weekday I wake up and do work [mostly on the computer] all. day. long. I feel like if I break my routine, I'll let people down who have included me and the things I do in their routine... but I need to remember that the more I get out and experience things, the more I'll have to share.. not just on this video, but on my show, with my friends, with everything.

Those are two quotes I need to keep on my computer at all times, I think. I often focus way too much on working and achieving things, that I forget to live my life like a normal person. [But then I say that, and I'm like WTF are you thinking?! You can live when you've accomplished your dreams! So technically, I'm still kinda torn...]

Doing one of these for an entire year isn't for everyone [and I'm really hoping I don't somehow get out of this routine after a couple months], but I really challenge you to do one of these for yourself, even if it's only for a month... or a couple weeks. See if it teaches you something about your life. See if it makes you get out and live a little more than you are right now. It's not hard to edit together at all, so don't think you need to be a pro or anything.

If you need a little motivation to do it, tell me that you're joining in on our fun, and I'll check in on you... then we'll all share when it's over!

I really am excited about this. I'm excited about learning about myself, sharing it with you, and hopefully capturing some major events and major changes that I expect 2013 will bring me. I won't be sharing every month, but because I'm so excited, I wanted to show you how it's going. [Plus it's added motivation for me, duh!]

Let me know if you're in!


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