Tuesday, January 8, 2013

pinspired outfit: dressing up a graphic tank

I was scrolling through Pinterest the other night before bed [as I always do] and I came across this outfit and was all OH EM GEE I CAN DO THAT!

There's a gray, graphic and glittery tank that I bought for a penny way back in college that I've always loved, but probably only wear once a year because I've never found a really awesome way to wear it... until today.

The original outfit: well over $300, before all jewelry was factored in. MINE: $71.01 max!
-necklace and earrings from Santa. He got 'em at Bloomingdale's for hopefully no more than $15. 
-tank $.01 from Wet Seal
-blazer from F21 for $20ish
-red skinnies [which I promise you'll be seeing a lot of] from Papaya for $16
-pumps from some shoe store for $20

How great is this?! I was iffy about it right outta the box, but now I'm obsessed. Plus, it brings way more color than the black/gold the original pin used.

Simple make-up for the daytime: Urban Decay eyeshadow in "Vorpal" and black liquid liner

The best part: I can do this outfit with all different colored skinnies, different jackets, jewelry, and the shirt will never really look the same! Count me in.


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Panty Buns said...

I love the bright red colour of the jewelry from Santa and the skinnies from Papaya. Your eye-makeup is very pretty too. Do you know (I don't) who the really pretty woman pictured in the print on your gray, graphic and glittery tank?