Thursday, January 31, 2013

pinspired: hair chalking is a bust! for brunettes

I've been wanting to try this hair chalking for over a year, and I finally got a huge thing of them for Christmas! Today I finally had enough time to play with them and a reason to make my hair fun [we have another club night tonight]!

I totally thought this was going to be easy, it'd stick to my hair even more because of the coloring in it, and I'll be rainbow-fabulous in no time. I followed the directions on the box, which was simply to spray my hair with water or leave-in conditioner, then rub it on. This is what I got: 

With flash, hoping it'd look a little different. 

Not only can you barely see it, but within an hour, it was off my hair and dusted all over my shirt, just leaving my hair feeling gross. 

I decided to watch YouTube videos and see if there was a better technique, and this chic seemed to have it down. Tried her trick of wetting your hair and the chalk, then coat the chalk on heavily, but only in one direction. 

While it's clearly much more visible, within about 30 minutes it looked like this [super clumpy/flaky].

I tried to straighten it and comb it once or twice to even it out, and that just took all the color right out. AKA: 

I say only for brunettes because it was definitely more bright and noticeable on my blonde streaks, so when I go lighter in the summer I will absolutely be trying again, but I think it's a lost cause for now. Hair has gone up in a bun.

The chalks I used were a Christmas gift, so I don't know if the kind/brand has anything to do with it [I'm sure some work better than others], but I'm assuming these pastels are basically the same across the board unless you pay a lot of money.

If you've ever done it on darker hair and have a different technique for me, PLEASE help a girl out!



Unknown said...

What brand of hair chalk did you use?

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Did you use real hair chalks? It looks like these are just artist pastels. Those are toxic and not going to work.

Unknown said...

I am a blonde who recently went VERY dark brunette. So I have color on my hair. Today I was given Hair Chalk by SPLAT. It works amazing. I think it was bought at Wal-Mart. :/

Unknown said...

I also have to add, mine said NOT to wet the hair. I think wetting the hair would be a mistake. Maybe try SPLAT? I'm happy with it. ;)

Unknown said...

Try buying real hair chalk or even eye shadow works really good. What you have are pastels, those are for art projects and stuff. My hair is naturally very dark, almost black, but the chalk still shows (currently wearing red eye shadow as hair chalk :P )

Chloe Hill said...

Hm. I had been wondering about this (my hair is quite dark golden blonde)but I'm sort of thinking it won't work. Even if the colours show up, I don't think they're quite as pretty as on platinum blondes.