Wednesday, January 30, 2013

what ya wearin wednesday 013013

You guys.... I've never loved Wednesdays more than I do these days. I pop up out the bed in the morning like OMG WHAT YA WEARIN?!

Thanks to the warm weather, @toribabyy14 broke out her sandals and sundress!

@KaciKruz is rockin' a designer dress she got at TJ Maxx for $120 LESS than the original!

@ohsomeganrosee is the epitome of casual hott.

@siarrahhh is rockin' my favorite eye make-up trick, the cat-eye swoop!

Outfits like @alliewinkelmanxo's make me want to get a vest, real bad.

I wish I could pull off layers like some of you... and like @allisonjaffeid!

@maddiethomson's slightly country look is super cute!

Again, I love the feminine/masculine combo that @allthingzglam is rockin' tonight!

@cjmac8 was wearing his must haves- jeans and cowboy boots

LOVE the pops of color in offices nowadays, as @abaker1804 shows off 

I also love deals, and @ksnedegar got both of these beauties on clearance at NY&C!

@csauro20s went with her "young gothic look" for work today! Tees at work= win!

I can't decide if I like @BrookeonHOT's scarf or $20 wedges better! Or the fact it's really a relaxed blazer look.

The skirt, the boot socks, the infinity scarf! @EmilyRose0905's teaching outfit is fantastic.

@thecullenbunch1 was also keepin it chill today!

@SkyeBofante's shirt is sexy without being too much, and I like that she dressed it down with her shoes!

Look at how good @dubwalston looks! Like he's got his ish together

@katiecakes26 has more color poppin' at work! I can't even pick a favorite piece from this. Love it all.

Kelly got this Michael Kors jacket/hoodie at the thrift shop for $7! Paired with pink jeans it's effortless but cute!

I want a pair of boots like @jannashepherd's, but then I'll need her to style them on me.

As for me, I promised myself that I would wear this lace peplum shirt this week because I haven't worn it since the first time ever, four years ago... here goes nothin'.

When I first put it on, I hated it and had to force myself out of the house. Then I really started to like it after a couple hours, now I'm questioning it again... so feel free to help me decide if it should stay in my drawer or go! I feel like it's not good for my figure.
-peplum shirt from F21 for $14
-pink jeans from F21 for $10
-black pumps from some store for $20
-necklace from Charlotte Russe I believe for $8 [with matching earrings]

When I say you all are making me a better person every day, I mean it! You're inspiring me and keeping me motivated. I don't mean to get all sappy on ya, but I don't think I say it enough. Thank you for participating in this. I can't tell you how many times I've bragged about you all joining me on WYWW to people in the biz.

Thanks for another successful week!


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Panty Buns said...

Your cat-eye swoop eye makeup trick is a pretty look and popular with other fashionista and beauty bloggers I follow as well. There are some pretty skirts and dresses amongst the "what ya wearin Wednesday" pics you received. I love the cap sleeves and peplum of your Forever 21 top and the delightful feminine pink coour of your Forever 21 jeans. You should definitely keep it, at least unless and until you get even more ultra-feminine couture to replace it :)

I'd love it if you stopped by my blog Full Brief Panties sometime and let me know which of the full briefs I reviewed (or which blouse) you like best. xoxox