Monday, December 3, 2012

gift guide 2012: nifty shot glasses and glassware

It's weird. I feel like I mostly suck at getting gifts for people these days... but I also feel like I always find the niftiest things! This year, I'm going to start listening to my own suggestions. You should too.

Day 1: Shot glasses that should be in everyone's collection, and other pieces of glassware

I've wanted this DRINK/DRUNK shot glass for a while. I mean... you flip it over... and it declares you drunk!!!! It's just clever. [Set of 2 for $12]

ShootERS and Ladders! Hot damn I love making old games new again. It'll be your new fave drinking game. [For $18]

These are just awesome for a collection! Mini martini, wine, and boot glass for shots! Yes please! [On sale for $15!]

Why not make your party even more classy with red Solo cup SHOT GLASSES?! It only makes sense. [$12 for 4]

This one's genius, and may end up being what I make for all my friends. [Shh, hopefully they suck at being my friend/reading this blog.] It's a totally DIY part shot glass, part wine/drink glass! Just buy separately, decorate, and glue together! 

For all the dudes that are all "I don't drink wine, I'm too manly, I don't want those fancy glasses." Fine. Have this fancy Winestein for $20.

And just for the hell of it, why not gt a mug that looks like a toilet so you can feel like you're drinking nasty toilet water when you have your tea or coffee in the morning. [Also on sale for $15!]

 Every weekday until Christmas I'll be posting some fun/random ideas like this, so if you have any requests for "category," you just let me know! Also, let me know if you find anything neat that I could include! Of course, I'll always try to keep it affordable for all you slightly poor people like me.


PS: To see old gift guides from other years, click here!

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