Tuesday, November 6, 2012

the number one songs on election day, since 1992

While I'm waiting for the results of today's election, I was looking back at the number one songs of this special day in years past. Let's reminisce, shall we?

TODAY: Maroon 5- One More Night

2008: T.I.- Whatever You Like

2004: Usher/Alicia Keys- My Boo [I'm glad she's hitting the O in the screenshot....]

2000: Creed- Arms Wide Open [Shoulda been the first sign we were gonna make a bad decision]

1996: Blackstreet- No Diggity

1992: Boys II Men- End of the Road

I mean really, the only questionable song on that list is Creed, and we all know where that election led us.

That shall end my political talk forever.

Here's to a night of celebrating the end of political ads, drinking too much, playing on Twitter, and a happy ending!


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