Tuesday, November 6, 2012

ebstyle: blue dress and boots

When I look around and see girls rockin dresses or skirts with boots, I always think it looks so good! When I try such things on, I never feel like it works as well.... but I'm gonna keep trying.

Over the weekend I worked at the "Ultimate Show for Women" in Virginia Beach, and figured it was only appropriate if I wore a dress. The thing is, it was also college football Saturday, so I had to support my [currently losing] Mountaineers with the gold and blue.

Also, it's starting to get cold around here, so I paired the dress with a scarf and boots and voila! This is how I looked:

I felt a lot cuter wearing it than right now looking at this picture, but maybe you can let me know what you think about it!

The dress is from Forever 21 clearance for $11, and is a really comfortable, thicker material. The issue is the crossover/v-neck top that my boobs don't fill, so a scarf or something is a must. [Similar dress]
My scarf is straight off the streets of NYC for like $5, and the Steve Madden boots were a gift, but totally worth every penny. I wear them all the time. [Slightly cheaper ones here]

My camel-colored purse was also with me, but I always forget to add those to the pictures. Silly me.

I have such a love/hate relationship with Fall. I love boot season, but I hate a ton of  layers, jackets, and long sleeves. But I also love hoodies.


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