Thursday, November 15, 2012

pinspired outfit: sheer top and ripped jeans

Technically I started these challenges so I'd be better about using the clothes I already have in my closet.... but I'm using another new piece that I got from the Forever21 ultimate clearance. To be fair, I got them before I decided what outfits I'd be wearing this week!

Originally $20, the red shirt I wore was only $5, and thanks to Pinterest, I paired it with things I never would have.

It's hard to tell, but my shirt also had the little tie at the neck/chest. 

- The top was $5 [Here's a similar one on sale]
- Jeans from New York and Co. for ~$18
- Booties from Charlotte Russe $10 
- Earrings about $1 from Body Central... I got them in a pack
TOTAL: $34!

The rolled up jeans and booties thing is new to me. I don't know how far to roll them, because I feel like they just look like ridiculous highwaters on most people. I'm still not sure if I pulled it off or not, so that's for you to decide! 

The booties are also a lot lighter in person, but I waited too long to take pictures outside and got these wompy shots. As for my jeans, they're the boyfriend fit and I normally only wear them with sweatshirts or cardigans, but dang they make my booty look wide. I need to be careful about that. 

I do enjoy the outfit as a whole, though... The mixing of girly and not-so-girly pieces has always been one of my fave combinations... just need to perfect it!


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