Friday, November 16, 2012

watch: the backstreet boys on the talk

Nope, this is obviously not some flashback video, this is from 2012. November 14th, to be exact. I turned on "The Talk" because Ellen comes on after, and saw BSB performing "I Want It That Way!" I had no choice but to check out everything they did on the show.

I should warn you, though... If you're a BSB fan, and honest to yourself, this could be a little painful. Brian's vocals are awful. Kevin is a straight up pedophile with his 90s looks. It's a great day for Team NSYNC, because a lot of the 90s boy band stereotypes are still with them. The Boys are still rocking the awesome choreographed dance moves of the past, but AJ isn't pulling them off like he used to.

Their interview WAS good, though. Brian is effing hilarious. Kevin- still too creepy for me to feel comfortable.

[Go figure, Kevin's in all of the thumbnails....]

When I went to see the NKOTBSB concert, I swear BSB KILLED it. Their vocals were pretty good, dancing was on point... I was impressed. These performances are a bit less impressive, but it's still AWESOME that they're back and doing all of this... duh.

How awesome is it that they're putting out a new holiday song, though?! I'm a fan, for sure.


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