Wednesday, November 14, 2012

pinspired outfit: sequins, pastel, and chambray

The lastest Pinterest lesson I've learned: If you have something sparkly, you can always tone it down with some chambray or a sweater.

Yesterday, I chose chambray, thanks to seeing this outfit:

I can't find the original posting of that, so I don't know how much it cost, but mine was a whopping $54.  

-sequin tank: $8 from Walmart! [similar]
-chambray shirt: $15 from Target [I hate that I paid that much for it because it's way too big/mostly pointless now]
-pink jeans: $11 from Forever21
-flats from BCBG clearance! $20! [similar for 19!]

 I wanna do my hair different ever time again, so I did the typical "LC braid" but kept it going to hang down on the side.


I also have a new hate for my shirt because of its lightness. I wanted to wear this outfit with mint jeans, but it was like the same color all the way down. My version had to be light on top, dark on the bottom unlike the original pinspiration.

I'm still unsure how much I like this outfit. I'm a little torn. I wish I had better shoes, but I'm not sure what I'd pick if I had my choice of anything. Feel free to always give me suggestions on how to make an outfit better! @chickgonebad did for my dress/boots outfit, and I'm so glad! Now I won't make the same mistake again!

This challenge is way harder than the last one. I don't have nearly the amount of fall clothes I hoped/thought I had... but hopefully I can make it through!


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