Monday, November 26, 2012

pinspired outfit: bright cardigan and scarf

Technically I never said how long this challenge would go on for, but I planned on 10 days/outfits. That's not going to happen. BUT I'M NOT A QUITTER! I just really want to start wearing my new clothes from Black Friday and I don't have time to get ready/dressed every day right now.

I still have one outfit to share, though! On Wednesday I copied this pretty simple outfit I pinned over a year ago.

[My head is huge.]
-Cardigan- Last Black Friday at F21 for $12 I think. [similar from Old Navy]
-Scarf- I really have no idea where I got it... but I never spend more than $8 on them. [Similar colors for $15 or $10]
-Jeans- F21 for $10
-Boots- From JustFab BOGO free, so technically each pair was $20.  [I don't recommend that site at all, by the way. Every pair of shoes I've gotten have had a defect or been terribly uncomfortable. I'm wondering if ShoeDazzle is better?!] [Here's a better site for similar/better ones]
TOTAL: $50 [No idea where the original came from]

It's actually a normal scarf, but i tie it at the ends and tuck that in the "drapery." I don't think the trick works for all scarves, but the thinner ones fo' sho.

If you wanna check out all of my Pinspired outfits, click here! I definitely plan on doing more, they'll just be more sporadic. Also, if you ever wanna be featured with your pinspiration, you know you should just holler at me!


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