Monday, October 15, 2012

you will love my pumpkin pie martini drink

I've been on the hunt for the pumpkin pie vodka for weeks now, and either the world hates me, or I'm looking in all the wrong places. Since I couldn't wait any longer, I decided to go a different route and got some pumpkin pie flavored liqueur.

The flavor is really strong, and you could absolutely drink it alone, but I prefer to spike it a little more with some whipped cream vodka. More alcohol, balancing flavors, easy to do... it's perfection.

2 parts Fulton's Harvest Pumpkin Pie Liqueur
1 part whipped cream vodka
Shake with ice, and pour. 

You could get fancy and line the glass with graham cracker crumbs, but there's really not even a need for adding cinnamon. There's plenty of the spice in the liqueur. 

And as much as guys have told me "I don't drink martinis," as soon as I put this in a red solo cup and hand it to them, they haven't been able to put it down. 

While we're on the topic of pumpkin flavored things, my mornings have been kickstarting with this delicious pumpkin butter from Harris Teeter. 0 fat, 35 calories a serving, and pure perfection on an english muffin. 

I'm also looking forward to making these that I've found on Pinterest: 
YUM! Football, boots, pumpkin flavored everything... I'm not sure what the best part about fall is anymore!

If you have a favorite pumpkin recipe, share it with me, duh!


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