Tuesday, October 16, 2012

halloweenify'ing profile pics

The debates are totally yawn-worthy to me unless one of them is literally about to deck the other, so I decided to entertain myself in other ways while also running the show... by "Halloween-ifying" my and my coworkers' profile pics.

You can definitely tell I did mine first because it's the most lame, but it's fine! I have fun making all of them different!

That being said, if you want to be zombified, witchified, or vampir-ified [?], you just let me know and I will totally do it! It's fun to do while everyone else is sleeping or paying attention to things I'd rather read up on the next day. 

If you wanna do it yourself, it's super easy! I just used the Halloween effects on PicMonkey! BUT. If you do it, I wanna see! 

YAY HALLOWEEN! [Minus spending way too much on the parts for my costume today... and I don't even know if it'll work out.]


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