Wednesday, October 17, 2012

watch: 3 minute lisa frank documentary

I got excited when I saw Urban Outfitters is starting to carry a ton of retro Lisa Frank stuff, but this is even neater!

They put together this quick documentary of the real Lisa Frank, inside her headquarters, and the history of the company and how they made things.

Oh, it also includes an old commercial that stars little Mila Kunis.

First of all, LOOK AT ALL THOSE PRETTY COLORS AND CUTE ANIMALS! Goodness, that must be a seriously happy place to work.
Then look at ALL of those Lisa Frank things Mila is surrounded by! AND her jean hat! Shooottt gurl. You stylin'!

Now I'm left with wanting more, though. The fantasy factory was always a mystery! I want to see more old-school paintings! I want to sit on those gigantic statues. I want to see Lisa's face! Hmph.

Til then, I'll wait for my Sugar Daddy to buy me pretty things.


PS: See more of their interview here!

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