Tuesday, October 2, 2012

an ode to now cd's: 20 reasons why they're da bomb

SAY IT AIN'T SO! Rumor has it NOW CD's could be coming to an end after nearly 30 awesome years.

I feel like their credibility or coolness has faded over the years, but I'm here to remind you how awesome they really were, especially the first 20.

Here are 20[+] reasons/proof with their corresponding editions of the United States' "NOW That's What I Call Music!" CD.

  1. An angry song that anyone can like.
  2. Taught us we might dance the funky chicken on our 75th wedding anniversary, but we shouldn't congratulate ourselves too much.
  3. Doing it all for the Nookie= A-OK.
  4. Macy Gray and all her raspiness.
  5. Don't let your memory of soulDecision be Faded.
  6. All Around the World, it as all Yellow.
  7. Hataz gon' hate.
  8. Mandy Moore is in fact crush-worthy.
  9. One name: Ja Rule.
  10. Takin it old school and shakin' it like that.
  11. Jennifer Love Hewitt was a singer.
  12. Justin Timberlake and JC Chasez, though separate, both on one album. [Eh hum. Pretty sure this proves NSYNC rules. If not, see the end of this post.]

  13. We know we can be what we wanna be.
  14. The CD's are just... like WO.
  15. The first F-you break up song.
  16. And then there was Petey Pablo.
  17. and the debut of Ashlee Simpson.
  18. There was always a little country music mixed in.
  19. They got you Feelin Good.
  20. The debut of Rihanna Must Be Nice, and I think I'd Lose Control if I'd only pick one song from this edition that Phunk'd With My Heart.
And if that isn't enough to remember its awesomeness, you should know that NINE BACK TO BACK CD's had Justin Timberlake music... whether it was NSYNC or solo. That's just beautiful... and proof he needs to get his ass back in the studio.

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