Thursday, September 6, 2012

an awesome passage from ellen's book "seriously, i'm kidding"

I don't read many books. In fact, as of today, I've only read three from cover to cover- A Walk To Remember, Chelsea Handler's "My Horizontal Life," and now Ellen's "Seriously... I'm Kidding."

Chelsea's and Ellen's books are both hysterical, and when I read them, I highlighted my favorite lines... now I want to start sharing some of Ellen's. Sometimes they're just straight up funny, and sometimes they're inspirational or about life, but still humorous.

I think this one is perfect to kick off this new thing I will be doing:

It's awesome advice, and maybe even more awesome because in the business I'm in, I'm constantly listening to other people to get ideas and inspiration... but I need to remember that I should never do exactly what someone else is doing if I wanna make it. Really, that goes for any profession. If you want that promotion, you're not going to get noticed by doing what someone else is doing, even if they are "better." Find a different way to do it and maybe that way will be even better than their's.

Okay, I'll shut up now because nothing I say will be as awesome as what Ellen just did.

I totally just did exactly what I said not to do, didn't I? Hmph.


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Marlene Detierro said...

It made me happy. :) three people I work with have read it since...I laughed a lot at work and it made them want to read it! You should get the rest on amazon. Most of the books for book club were under $10 and the most for one was $12 I think.

Marlene Detierro (SEO in Indianapolis)