Wednesday, September 5, 2012

on the racks: britney spears covers elle

Oh em gee... it's about to begin! The Britney Spears takeover 2.0, that is!

With X-Factor right around the corner, we're about to see BritBrit everywhere again, and it's going to be beautiful... especially if the October cover of Elle is a preview of it all.

The article finally gives us a little more information on her and Jason, too! Well, a little...
"It was kind of one of those things where she moved, like, turned around, so we were face-to-face and then ..., " says Trawick, who became engaged to Spears last December. But before Trawick, 39, can spill any more juicy details, his fiancée interrupts him, saying, "Okay, that's enough information, sweetie. It was sweet, just say that."

I wish she'd open up in interviews a little more, but I think we'll start seeing it happen soon. She did say she's not a believer in being like Kim Kardashian, though! And not that she needs to win more points in my book, she obviously did.
"I love my jeans and my sweats-I’m really just a tomboy at heart. So it’s really hard for me to be like Kim Kardashian and be makeup-and hair-ready every time I go out of my house. I’m not a believer in that, you know?"

Goodness, I just can't wait!! She looks amazing, she seems really happy.. BRING ON THE BRITNEY, BITCH!


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